Yes, we are constantly looking for like minded awesome programmers like us. So, if you fit into one of the following and would love to work with us, do send us your resume.

The following is required for all positions;

  • 1. Strong computer science fundamentals (data structures, algorithms, object oriented programming)
  • 2. Working experience on GNU/Linux (Debian)
  • 3. Comfortable with the command-line.
  • 4. Knowledge of the git versioning system
  • 5. Strong communication skills (spoken and written)

Send your resume in PDF format, with the relevant skillset in the subject, to jobs [at] hipro [dot] co [dot] in.

  • System/Application programmers
    • 1. C, C++, Golang, Python
    • 2. GUI toolkits: GTK, Qt
    • 3. GNU toolchain (gcc, g++), Clang, GDB, Valgrind
    • 4. Boost C++ libraries
    • 5. Yocto
  • Web application programmers
    • 1. Python3, Golang
    • 2. Angular
    • 3. RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
    • 4. HTML/CSS