We are in the business of writing software. Our core competency is in developing GNU/Linux and UNIX based applications in C/C++ and Python. We have experience in diverse technology domains, ranging from "scalable Web2.0 applications" to "no OS, bare-bones, deeply embedded systems". Our strength lies in our capability to understand the customer's problem in their domain, and applying our skills to solve it.

We handle the entire "application life-cycle" (development, support, maintenance). We offer our services for the following:

  • Business applications
  • Embedded systems
  • Industrial automation

Business applications

We develop custom applications to aide in everyday business.

  • Native(C/C++)/Python based applications
  • Cross-platform desktop applications built using UI toolkits like GTK+, wxWidgets and Qt
  • Python based web-applications with AJAX interfaces and ESB (RabbitMQ/ActiveMQ) integration
  • Bluebream (Zope3) and Django based applications

Embedded systems

We handle the entire chain of development right from "board bringup" to "product realisation". We have strong experience in GNU/Linux and uCLinux based embedded application development.

Industrial automation

Industrial requirements demand solutions that cross engineering domains. We have partnerships with organisations across engineering domains. We work with them as a team to provide such solutions. We provide solutions to:

  • Monitor, analyse and report existing processes
  • Automate manual processes using control systems and robotics
  • Integrate manufacturing and business processes
  • Automate quality control, quality assurance, auditability
  • Human machine interfaces

For further information, get in touch with us.