HiPro IT Solutions Private Limited was incorporated in 2008. Our working philosophy is based on the following beliefs:

  • We strongly believe that software should be 'Free' ; as in Freedom, not free beer. We provide solutions based on 'Free Software' as 'Free Software'.
  • We believe in small teams that are highly motivated and passionate about their work. The founders themselves coming from a hobby programming background, consider 'software' as a work of Art and not something that goes on an assembly line process. Every solution that goes out of HiPro is guaranteed to have that personal touch of an artist. We would voluntarily take that extra step to recommend a better technology or process which would not just solve the customer's problem, but also work for them in the longer run (even if that would exclude us). Such a level of personal attention is not possible with colonies full of developers who are there doing their job and not something that they love doing.
  • We believe that technology should take care of the mundane things so that human intelligence is not wasted on such tasks. The areas that are most appealing to us are those that aide people in everyday life.